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Based on DASS Rich tool-making industry experience、global design team work and high precision processing capacity, we are able to supply first-class rubber mold around the world. mold types includes: Injection mold、ITM、ICM、no-flash mold.

Following are our Tool-making videos in Youtube platform.

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Cold Runner animation

Mold flow analysis

Cold runner clean method

Food container 1000cc-2cav-3.1sec


FUHRUNG High speed machine triple simultaneous

FUHRUNG iPET 48cav 10sec

FUHRUNG PET injection molding machine

FUHRUNG Plastic Injection Machine

No flash rubber membrane production

Rubber diaphragm making

No-flash mold series

Gas pipe mold

Seals production

Absorber production

Rubber Bush Production

seal production video using Doush 250T

DOUSH members(rubber injection press)

DOUSH equipments (rubber injection moulding machine)