Other Design for Clamping Unit

Clamping unit

1.Simple structure,maintenance free

2.Special designed tie bar ensure excellent parallelism

3.High frequency quenching and hard chrome plating,steady and no rustiness

4.Light curtain in front gate to prevent unnecessary injury

5.Lowest operation high 960mm

6.Bigger opening stroke,more daylight and space for mold operatio


Other desigh for Clamping unit

1.Bigger heating platen size tiwh T-slot

2.Bigger standard opening stroke and ejector stroke

3.Customized available in heating platen and opening stroke

4.Different injection nozzle connection fit to your existing moulds

5.Operate from 3 side is available

6.Front light curtain or safety gate for choice

合模单元gear rack mechanism make good parallel in both side of ejector


DOUSH 160T Heating Plate Size:450(560)*510(630)mm

DOUSH 250T Heating Plate Size:600(650)*650(670)mm

Post time: May-13-2022